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Our Farm

Howling Dog Farms is located in the beautiful Okanogan Valley region of Eastern Washington. Our backdrop is a rugged landscape of desert hills, grasslands, orchards and vineyards. The Similkameen River — only a stone’s throw away — is the water source for the plants grown on the farm.

We are dedicated to growing our plants with care and concern for our fragile ecosystem.

Natural Products

At Howling Dog Farms we are committed to producing only natural flower products and premium extracts. Using organic farming practices, careful strain selection, our slow curing process and pulling exceptionally clean extracts, we are dedicated to cultivating and manufacturing only the highest- quality cannabis products.

From seed to flower, every plant is fed with a special blend of organic soils and fertilizers. We then let nature take her course- encouraging beneficial birds and bugs to keep pests away. Without the use of harmful pesticides, our plants produce buds with pure, rich flavors and aromas, the way nature intended.


We are dedicated to conserving our planet by using ecologically sound farming practices. We use the sun as our energy source. We do not use pesticides, herbicides or fungicides. What we do is encourage birds, praying mantis, lady bugs and other beneficial insects to help us cultivate great cannabis.

From our farm to your hands, you can trust Howling Dog Farms products are made with care.

Always sun grown, never touched by pesticides.